La nature du pouvoir dans Richard II - Composition anglais

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Composition en anglais analysant la nature du pouvoir dans la pièce de Shakespeare, Richard II. Composition à télécharger

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Composition entièrement rédigée en anglais, elle analyse la nature des différentes représentations du pouvoir dans Richard

II à travers trois personnages.

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Richard II, Shakespeare’s play, tells the end of the reign of Richard II and how his throne will be captured by his cousin Henri Bolingbroke. Shakespeare show here two ways to conceive the power, one tyrannical and inspired by the comfort of the divine origin of this power, the other popular and based on the Machiavelli’s philosophy. We attend the descent of a proud king who turn into a humble man regretting his actions, face to the rise of a banish man becoming a king whose power
is based firstly on the support of his peers. [...]

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I) Richard II

II) Bolingbroke

III) Lord Exton