Ecrit d'invention sur l'étrange, le suspense et l'enquête.

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Présentation du document :

Un écrit d'invention rédigé en anglais idiomatique, avec dialogues, suspense, jeux de mots et vocabulaire des thèmes évoqués.

Description du document :

Ecrit d'invention sur l'étrange, le suspense et l'enquête totalement en anglais.

[u]Extrait [/u]:
Patrick Maloney was dead, lying on the floor with an empty look.
Mary got her breath back and went to put the leg of lamb in the oven. For now, she wouldn’t have quarrels with her husband anymore, however, she now had to find a solid and credible alibi! She thought a moment and then called the friend they had to go eat with.
- “Hello Julia, we can’t come this evening, Patrick is exhausted, he had a hard day, he went bed…
- Okay Mary, we’ll do that later! Bye!”


Sommaire du document :

I) Phrase d'accroche

II) Développement, suspense, et dialogues

III) Dénouement