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More and more women are occupying top-ranking positions

Catégorie document Catégorie : Langues Auteur document Auteur : ludo12 Date publication document Publication : 13/11/2010
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Dissertation en anglais sur les postes de plus en plus importantes occupés par les femmes.

In 1945, women got the right to vote in France. A part of the French population said that was legitimate since they had supported the factories during the Second World War; other, with the religion recession, said that women are as men and they can to be responsible and to work. Since then, there has been a big evolution, and women are more and more present in top-ranking jobs. As proof of this, the latest women presidents such as Kirchner in Argentina, A. Merkel in Germany or candidates like S. Royal or H. Clinton. So, how has the status of women evolved?
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