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Commentaire anglais d'un article de journal sur Bill Gates

Catégorie document Catégorie : Langues Auteur document Auteur : Simon80 Date publication document Publication : 08/02/2011
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Resumé :
Commentaire, résumé en anglais d'un article de Nicholas D. Kristof, un journaliste américain, article du 31 janvier 2009.

Extrait :
It’s a summary of a Bill Gates’s interview which treats about the association that Bill Gates made in order to help poor countries, especially in terms of care and development. This text can be divided into three parts, first, the global presentation of the eventful Bill Gates’ life, the successes of his association and at the end Bill Gates speaks about his failures concerning the small school.

On the first part, Nicholas D. Kristof, he thinks that it’s strange that one of the richest man is one of the main advocates for the poorest’s. Reading the annual letter, written by bill gates, Nicholas wanted to make an interview with him. Bill gates has just finished his full-time presence at microsoft, so he can work for his foundation and continue to search for some vaccine for malaria, AIDS...

Then, Bill gates reveals that the foundation’s research are advancing faster and faster and he hopes that the infant mortality rates will keep decreasing. He said that he is “Absolutely confident”[...]
Plan du document :

I) Bill Gates: one of the richest people

II) Bill Gates's foundation

III) Example of Schools.


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